Spring Planting Day at Greensboro’s Interactive Resource Center

Spring Planting Day at The Interactive Resource Center (IRC)
Greensboro, NC
April 26, 2014

Spring Planting Day at the IRC-TG Edible Community was another real barn-raising event. Special thanks go to Charlie Headington and members of the Greensboro Permaculture Guild for planting a new mini fruit orchard in the back of the garden along Murrow Blvd. This fruit orchard faces the expansion of Greensboro’s Downtown Greenway. Thanks also go to Pat Bush of Handance Farms for donating several boxes of vegetable, herb and insectary transplants and special seeds from her local farm in Rockingham County.

Charlie Headington received the first Dynamic Nutrient Accumulator Award for all his hard work over the last two years in helping to design, nurture and inspire the IRC garden growth and continuation. Liz Seymour, Director of the IRC also spoke about the nature of homelessness and how similar the approach at the IRC is to Permaculture principles, nurturing the strengths of people there and emphasizing the relationships between people, plants and other programs at the IRC.

Many students performing service-learning hours from UNCG, including a group from Alpha Lambda Delta honors society, also joined us. Several other IRC guests and community volunteers joined efforts to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, watermelon, green beans, peas, basil and many other herbs. Others planted sunflowers in the Peace Garden and spruced up the front garden.

We’ll continue to be in the garden every Tuesday and Friday morning 9-12:00, and you can e-mail Kathe Latham at kblatham@aol.com to arrange future group volunteer efforts on the weekend.

A work of love, this is what democracy looks like. Pick fruit not fights, and it does take a village. Thanks everyone!

Kathe Latham
IRC Garden Coordinator


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