2015 Permaculture Design Certification Course

Earth Matters invites you to earn
with a
Permaculture Fundamentals and Design Course


With Dr. Charlie Headington and Abbey Piner
Seven weekends – one weekend per month, beginning March 2015

Register today!

Permaculture Fundamentals and Design is a 84-hour course that prepares you to design your home landscape and neighboring yards, parks, schools, and farms, turning them into resilient, productive, low maintenance, and organic edible landscapes. This Permaculture course, like others taught the world over, teaches you how to green your city and community by giving you hands on practice in implementing the principles of ecological design. Be part of the solution!

  • Dates: 2nd Saturday – Sunday of each month: Mar 14&15, April 11&12, May 16&17 (3rd weekend), June 13&14, July 11&12, Aug 8&9, Sep 12&13.
  • Time: 10am – 5pm Saturday and 10am – 4pm Sunday
  • Size of Class: 15 – 20 students
  • Cost:
    $950 (in full) before 1/31/15
    $1000 after with a deposit of $300 due Jan 31 and $700 Jan 31.Six $200 scholarships available. Please ask Charlie or Abbey. See details on registration form at website below. Your cost could be only $750!
  • Primary Location: Sites in/around Greensboro, NC otherwise at Charlie’s home.


Why would you want to take a design course in Permaculture?

  • Engage earth systems with mindfulness and skill.
  • Make your land a model for a sustainable future.
  • Grow, and teach others to grow, an abundant supply of vegetables, fruit and herbs.
  • Generate models to strengthen the local community and economy.
  • Supplement your income as a design consultant and teacher.


We propose an innovative, practical and collaborative way to learn Permaculture Design:

  1. Spread it out: meet one weekend a month for seven months.
  2. Be adaptable by designing different sites each weekend whether urban, suburban, or rural.
  3. Solve problems with both ideas and new skills. Each week you’ll pick up great ideas and practical skills.
  4. Gain confidence in landscape graphics, drawing and presentation design.
  5. Shared teaching. Meet experienced designers from around the state and visit awesome sites.
  6. Collaborate. We often will work in groups and learn from each other.
  7. Set your own goals. Build on your strengths, improve your skill set, and draw your own designs.
  8. Whole-system design. Learn to synthesize beauty and function, intuition and analysis, being and doing, right and left brain, and art and science.


Become a confident designer, knowledgeable teacher, skillful practitioner, seasonal grower, local community leader, and compassionate earth citizen.




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