GPG Noir at Elsewhere – Tuesday, May 17, 2016

GardenPartyElsewherePondLocation:  Behind Elsewhere Museum, 606 South Elm Street, GSO [ map ]
Time: 7:00 pm

Every urban guerrilla needs to know how to make seed bombs. Member Alyssa McKim’s offering to demonstrate.

We’ll also review landscape plans for the upcoming double-property Habitat For Humanity communal work day project.

The projected rains should be over with by 7:00, and we plan to meet in the yard behind the Elsewhere gallery (access via the alley that runs between W. Lewis Street to the north, and Bain St. to the south) downtown.  Should the rains not be complete, or should they return, we can’t duck into Elsewhere because the gallery is closed most of the summer for renovation.  So, we’ll just have to abandon everything and head around the corner to Gibbs’ Hundred brewpub.  Let’s hope for rain.

All are welcome, and hope to see you there.

The Yard is part of the 2015 South Elm Projects, designed, planted, and built by the Greensboro Permaculture Guild and Common Ground.

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