Tessa’s Farmer of the Month

When: February 22nd
What: Meet and Greet for grower Aubrey Cupit of Gate City Harvest
Where: TESSA FARM TO FORK, 3929 Battleground Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27410 (Map)

TESSA Farm to Fork Restaurant will be featuring our very own Aubrey Cupit this month.

Aubrey of Gate City Harvest will be having dinner at Tessa on February 22nd. He will talk about his farming techniques, be available for questions, and do what Aubrey does best -besides growing organic vegetables – joke around and have fun!

Come have dinner and learn about his farming techniques, and maybe even sample some food grown by him in a dish at farm to fork restaurant Tessa, supporting local farms in the Piedmont Triad and beyond.

Gate City Harvest

cabbage“At Gate City Harvest, we believe in a biological approach to growing.  We grow all of our food without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  We grow in tune with the Earth.  Many of our practices are rooted in permaculture.  Permaculture is a systems based approach to growing which involves working with and enhancing the natural systems of the Earth to produce the healthiest, most ecologically sound food.  This approach has a low carbon footprint and actually can be carbon neutral.  The idea is to leave the land better than when you found it.  Our process reduces tillage and builds soil with compost and cover crops.  We create habitat for beneficial insects which in turn become our pest defense system.  this eliminates the need for pesticides.  We keep the soil covered as much as possible reducing weed growth and feeding the soil ecology.  This eliminates the need for herbicides or chemical fertilizers. ”

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