gPg Workday: Mushroom Inoculation

Date: Saturday March 3, 2018
Time: Begins 9:30AM
Where: 1102 North Elam Avenue, Greensboro NC, 27408 (map) park on Albright
What to bring: saw horses to lighten the logs if you have them, and drills to make holes.
Gpg member Randall Hughes is hosting us at his home on Elam Avenue. We will be helping him with an experimental mushroom inoculation project, using invasive Chinese privet for the logs to be inoculated. He is getting shiitake and oyster spawn from Ernie Wheeler (Borrowed Land Farms) and hopefully Ernie will drop by after vending at the Downtown Greensboro Curb Market to see how things are going and share some tips. Randall is hopeful that there will be extra spawn to take home to make your own logs!

His home is a white house with a green roof & shutters. Continue on Elam to Albright to park.  FYI his dog is loud and likes to jump on strangers, but she is not violent to humans.  Please do not bring your own dogs.
Randall with have something in the crockpot, probably a Moroccan lamb & fruit stew, plus something vegetarian, and coffee, water and maybe some cider. Yum!
All are welcome and hope to see you there!

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