gPg Workday: Elsewhere

Date: June 1, 2019
Time: 9:00AM – 12:00PM
Where: The Yard @ Elsewhere, (map)

From GPG Member David Mudd:

Usually the end of May-beginning of June finds Piedmont Permies scurrying for shade like roaches from a disturbed pile of woodchips (yes I’ve been mulching growing beds all weekend, and no, I don’t want to talk more about it).  Especially after temperatures have climbed already into the 90s and threaten to edge-up to the mid-90s by mid-week; who in their right mind wants to show up for a work day that might call for weeding, digging, mulching, and pruning?  We try to get all that done in March and April, right?  Come June, we want to be under a roof or awning somewhere, spring maintenance complete or not, but our time in the summer sun reserved for the beach or the mountains. No more of this toiling in the fields until September. Better yet, October. Or December.
Well just get over it.
It won’t take long, especially if we get a good turn-out.
The yard behind Elsewhere, the mysterious and wacky museum downtown with the permaculture hide-away in the back, needs some attention.  And what’s more; that sprucing-up will be preparatory to the expansion of the yard. Come mid-summer, it’s flowing west, taking the permaculture vibe to the new deck and beer garden at South End Brewing, the brew-pub opening in July, in the space once occupied by Gibbs’ Hundred Brewing.
More edibles, more perennials, more nitrogen-fixers and dynamic-accumulators and pollinator-attractants, more green space and more shade. All downtown, and all in the name of permaculture and the first permaculture-influenced beer garden in the Triad.
It’s enough to make you want to spend a little more time working under the hot damn sun, no?
I knew you’d agree.
Saturday, June 1.  9:00am to Noon.  Bring a shovel, trowel, and a big ol’ hat.
All are welcome, and hope to see you there.
David Mudd


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