About Us

The Greensboro Permaculature Guild (gPg) was founded in the fall of 2013 at the end of the Permaculture Design Course conducted by Charlie Headington. One of the participants, David Mudd, suggested continuing the experience by meeting at Deep Roots Coop on Tuesday at lunch time. Folks have been meeting since then and the group has now grown to over 100 members with some impressive projects under their belts.
[ What is Permaculture? ]


Joining gPg is easy – just show up to a meeting or ask to be added to our email mailing list by emailing GreensboroPermacultureGuild@gmail.com. We don’t have annual dues, but members who wish to contribute to help cover meeting costs and special projects may do so at any Tuesday lunch meeting. Members who can often donate $1 at each meeting they attend.

Getting Involved

gPg meets on a regular basis in a number of ways, so it’s easy to join us and get involved.

  • gPg Noir: For those folks who can’t attend the lunch meetings, we meet at 7:00 pm the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Most of the meetings for 2017 will be held at the Elsewhere Museum on South Elm Street downtown unless otherwise noted.  These meetings include a more formal presentation.
  • Monthly Work Party: Once a month (usually on the 1st Saturday) we meet to put permaculture to work. We may be installing permaculture features, maintaining work completed earlier, or enhancing an existing design. Our work days include private projects as well as public projects.

Want to know more? Email us at: GreensboroPermacultureGuild@gmail.com

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