About the Learning Network

About the Learning Network

Learning how to work with nature is central to the Guild’s mission. Permaculture offers a way to do this. The more we understand how nature works, the better we can imitate it and create productive, regenerative and attractive landscapes.

We believe anyone can appropriate the knowledge and tools to grow their own food in remarkably beautiful and low-maintenance Permaculture gardens. We can teach them how. We can teach them how to teach others as well.

We offer part or full day workshops and longer courses in the why, what and how to of Permaculture. For instance, members have taught pre-school teachers how to use simple gardens to introduce nature to young toddlers. Also, a day-long workshop in Permaculture Gardening introduces the basic ideas and practices of installing and maintaining no-till growing beds (sheetmulching), fruit trees (a forest garden), water storage (a carpet pond), and terrace and trellis building (working with bamboo, a free resource). Everyone gets new design ideas because they see examples of all the ideas we talk about.

Pat Bush, a farmer for over 20 years, shares various seed propagation techniques in her Spring 2014 Seed Propagation Workshop.
Pat Bush, a farmer for over 20 years, shares seed propagation techniques at her Spring 2014 Seed Propagation Workshop. The workshop was held at her farm ‘Handance Farms’ in Rockingham County, NC.

We are working up a series of workshops that will touch on many facets of successful, organic gardening and edible landscape design. We are planning workshops such as “Everything You Need To Know About Seed Propagation,” “Seed Saving,” Grafting Fruit Trees,” “How to Design and Plant an Orchard,” “Homesteading Basics,” and “Putting Away Your Harvest”. We want to teach others how to build Carpet Ponds, Herb Spirals, and Bamboo Trellises. Do Wattle Fences, Tree Grafting, Bee Keeping, Mushroom Inoculation and Four-Season Gardening.

We also offer each year a full Permaculture Fundamentals and Design course that meets for 78 hours over seven weekends from March to September. Costing about $100 per weekend it prepares the participants to practice and teach Permaculture as well as become a recognized Permaculture designer (providing you complete a finished design and complete the course). Tens of thousands have done so world-wide and now 30 of them are in the Triad and form the nucleus of the Greensboro Permaculture Guild.

Teaching in the Learning Network is meant to be income generating. Leaders of workshops charge for their knowledge and presentations and are supported by other GPG members. The Learning Network and the Design Studio are means toward obtaining a Right Livelihood.



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