Deep Roots Forest Garden

Over the years as the Greensboro Permaculture Guild met for Tuesday lunch meetings at Deep Roots Food Coop, 600 N. Eugene St, we discussed various ideas about installing a permaculture garden at Deep Roots. With the new greenway going by Deep Roots, ideas were put on hold until that phase of the Greenway project was done. In February 2018, two events coincided to move the gPg project forward.

The greenway project completed the part included in the Deep Roots property opening up an area where gPg could do an installation about the same time that a previous installation gPg did a few years ago at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church’s community garden along Smith Street was going to be removed to make room for a new building project. At the end of February 2018, members of gPg came together on two days to move fruit trees, bushes, and ground cover to their new location at Deep Roots creating the Deep Roots Forest Garden.